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Customer service and satisfaction are our first and most important goals. Our commitment to customer service is reflected in the Associates we hire. Our Associates pride themselves in honouring the Company`s promise to make the customer’s clothes look and feel great in their clothes. As a result, our policies and decisions are made with the customer’s needs in mind. We are confident that by listening to our customer, we can continue to expand our customer base and strengthen our position as one of the nation’s leading retailers.

We believe there are two types of customers: external and internal. External customers are those who shop our stores, and internal customers are those whose needs are met internally within our organization… our Associates. Service is an attitude and requires a consistent focus on both internal and external customers. Organizationally, we operate under an inverted pyramid style of management. This system exemplifies our belief that the customer is the initial source of impact influencing the decision-making process in the chain of command.

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