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Needle Points Reward Program
Needle Points Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Stitch It Clothing Alterations is proud to offer our loyal customers a FREE and CARDLESS Rewards program! You can now earn valuable points for all your purchases of services or products at any of our stores.


Signing up for your FREE and CARDLESS Needle POINTS account is easy.

Simply ask an associate in any of our stores to sign up, you will need to provide them with your first and last name, your phone number and your email address.

Needle POINTS is strictly for individual customers; businesses, and employees are not allowed to sign up for Needle POINTS.

Registrants should be reminded that the information we collect from you for Needle POINTS will never be sold to a 3rd party. We would also like to remind you that the information you fill out during registration must be valid. Any accounts seen with fake email addresses or phone numbers will be deleted on sight and the points balance will be lost.

Earning Points:

Earning points is easy!
For every $1.00 dollar you spend on any services or products at a store you will receive 1 point.

Redeeming Points:

Points will be automatically redeemed at each $20.00 incremental sale.
Points cannot be banked.
Points will be reset once coupon is printed.
Coupon is valid for next purchase and valid for 90 days.

Multiple Stores:

If you use multiple Stitch It Clothing Alteration locations, you will have a Needle POINTS account at each location and will have numerous opportunities to earn points.

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