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Adaptive Clothing Alterations

Adaptive Clothing Alterations

Adapting existing clothing for struggle free dressing perfect for seniors, elderly and disabled. For more information, download our Adaptive Clothing Alterations Brochure.

Dress Pants/Jeans/Skirts

  • Add elastic to waist band through casing
  • This helps to accommodate weight fluctuation and provide extra comfort.
  • Great for seated dressing. Opened at back with ties or Velcro fasteners.

Sweat Pants

  • Insert elastic waistband, add side Velcro fasteners for comfort and convenience.
  • Easy to pull on. Easy for arthritic hands and aids in dressing for those who are wheelchair dependant.

Sweaters/Shirts/Under Vests

  • Velcro front fasteners to eliminate buttons or zippers. Velcro front closures are concealed behind faux buttons.
  • Makes it easy for arthritic suffers.
  • Back of garments are completely opened up and Velcro fasteners are added.
  • Allows individuals to slide their arms into garment sleeves without having to raise/lower arms Ideal for elderly/seniors who are disabled or wheelchair dependant.

Night Gowns

  • Widen neck opening with back ties.
  • Easier to slip garment on and off.

Zipper/ Buttons

  • Replace with Velcro fasteners.
  • Great for arthritic hands.

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