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Keep your pants looking sharp all day!

Do you hate having to Iron your pants with each wear in order to keep that sharp crease? Or worse yet spend a fortune to get your dress pants dry cleaned so you can enjoy that just pressed look and feel? Don’t bother with the wasted time anymore. Let Stitch It put a Permanent crease in your pants.

Supercrease is proven to withstand washing, dry cleaning and normal wear and tear. Processed creases remain sharp and natural without the need for continual re-pressing.

This simple and low cost system works by applying a thin line of specially formulated resin inside the crease of your garment, leaving it looking perfectly finished every time.

Benefits of well creased pants

– Look sharp well-groomed, professional and put together all<b> </b>day
– Look taller and slimmer as the eye is drawn straight up your perfectly creased leg

Great for Travellers!

Not just for Men! Ladies elongating your leg in a wide leg trouser is priceless!

Why Men Do Not Iron Their Trousers

1. Fear of damage – Also called “The Shining” (no, not the Stephen King book). Rather, this is what happens when trousers are ironed improperly with too high of a heat setting and the iron is pushed repeatedly across the fabric. The fabric is molded and the weaves are compressed, resulting in a nonporous sheen that makes your trousers look cheap and reduces their lifespan.

2. Lack of information – Google how to iron a dress shirt and you’ll find tons of guides and videos out there. How to press trousers? Not so many, and half of them are providing bad advice!

3. They think no one notices – More than half the guys in your office don’t iron their trousers or shirts — who is going to notice, right? Wrong — if you have ambition beyond entry-level work, dress for the position you aspire to.

4. They’re not even sure they should be ironed – In general, all types of pants should be ironed except cargo pants and jeans (unless you’re into the western look).


Supercrease - Get a permanent crease in your pants

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